There is so much more than this life we are seeing with our eyes. We can each decide whatever we want to, and with what I am presenting, YU The RealU can Make Better Choices if YU want to. There is No Freedom on this earth in a body, but there IS RealFreedom when YU WakeUp to Your RealAwarenisss and See Beyond this World of Appearances. Test The NU~U NUSound & Learn to Watch Your DreamVisions to Save Your Life!

    🌸Children & Dreams | 

    Children Waking Up | Reincarnation | 5 Bodies | RealAwarenisss | NUSound ❄️ Those who do have these OBE-out-of-body experiences usually discover UP~UNUversal Positioning with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides, and then they are shown what 'IS' beyond Cause&Effect Creation.

    🌊Ocean by the Smell of Flowers

    ALLOver This World Many People are SteppingUP and Deciding to WakeUP to what Really Supports Them! Oppressive Planned Poisoning of The ALLNatural Environment has been Big Business with those who have done the Most Harm to Everything Natural Here!

    🐯Jaielyn's RealSide

    Virtually, all of us have read stories and seen movies that are far beyond our imagination, and we love them! We want to be a part of them, we want to be the characters in the story or the star of the movie. Most people have been taught that they can only dream such things, and this is true, but The Reality of ALL Realities IS, that we can each have a life better than we can ever imagine if we are willing to have RealGuidance and a RealEducation to have such a life.

    ✨ Going Galactic 

    Virtually, all of us have read stories and seen movies that are far beyond our imagination, and we love them! We want to be a part of them, we want to be the characters in the story or the star of the movie. Most people have been taught that they can only dream such things, and this is true, but The Reality of ALL Realities IS, that we can each have a life better than we can ever imagine if we are willing to have RealGuidance and a RealEducation to have such a life.

    ☀️ Vibration of The NUSound

    The socialized public is educated into a one- dimensional Literal Sense, and basically nothing is taught about a person's insight, intuition, and most importantly, their perception beyond what they can even imagine that can be possible. The Whole of Life, The TruReality Life Already IS, cannot be contained in any descriptive form, such as an idea that applies to our physical life. It can be so that a person can think and decide whatever they want to, but when a person has Real Experiences beyond what their mind and imagination has never experienced, then they will be able to enter unseen dimensions and realities that cannot be defined with words and ideas, but can only become alive by the person who is having the experience. A person can read books about being a pilot, but if they never fly an airplane, then they never have The Real Experience of doing it. Each one of us is so much more than just a physical body and mind.

    ☀️ Eva Sings NU~U with the Birds

    The masses, those flock of people who have in some way agreed to be educated and herded into categories that others have invented as a control over the unaware, will almost always follow their Literal Senses, their educated upbringing, which seems to fit so nicely into the social stream of things. But, The Real RiskTaker does not follow the herd, and is exceptional in their thinking, creativity, and they have taken the time to developed their insight, intuition, and most of all, The TruPerception Life IS.

  • Astral Projection Remote Viewing Soul Traveling & more

    UNUversal Positioning (UP) IS NOW! The PsycSciences of Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Soul Traveling, Etc, are limited to Creation only. These experiences are valid, but they have nothing to do with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. Creation has its place, but there is no RealFreedom in Creation, only 'implied freedom.' The KEK Systems on the earth are all TapLined to the Lower Astral Realm and more lifetimes for those who like to chant HU, OM and other Old Words with Old Masters. Test The NU~U Sessions and Watch Your DreamVisions and Have Fun!


    Lucid Dreaming is the experience of Being Aware in Your Dreams. What most people do not know is, this earthly life is The Dream. You are in The Passing Dream while you have a body here, because it will only last so long, and then 'POOF' it is gone! In the meantime, YU, The RealU, is collecting experiences while you are here and also with Your Connection to other dimensions, that is if You are Paying Attention, which most people are not. If you do not Learn to Pay Attention to Your Dreams, then you are missing so much more than you will ever gain here, because when you leave here, you will have nothing. Lucid Dreaming is one of the first steps to Waking Up with this life and Seeing Beyond what 'appears' to be something here. If you are okay with being the Effect of everything here and then growing old, then you can Stay Lost and One-Dimensional on this earth for as many lifetimes as you like. Or, you can WakeUp and Become MoreAware and Free YourSelf from reincarnation forever. RealFreedom IS possible Now, but YU, The RealU, must BE The Real RiskTaker and willing to explore and discover what very few ever do.

  • NO Authorities NO Restrictions by THE NUWAVISSS DUANEVA...

    “It would seem hard to imagine that there can be a RealLife aside from the 'human life' people are living Here. As long as a person looks to Their PersonalSelf as their only reality, then it will continue to be so for more ongoing unaware lifetimes. There is a certain amount of 'waking awareness' with human people, but only OneDimensional according to This Physical Realm. Simulated Life on This Planet Earth in black space is fully based upon Restrictions & Authorities. UNaware People have been indoctrinated from MANipulators to Agree to created Restrictions and SelfAppointed Authorities. This is the actual overall lifestyle on This World and so many more like This One! Of course, this does Not Make Sense... Not at all! Yet, almost Everyone Agrees! This is why This Earth is Totally & Purposely Polluted & Poisoned, because of ALL the Agreement with the Created Surface World of Appearances and the UNConscious UNSeen TapLining Realms that exist over ALL of Creation. No one will be learning any of this in their Text Books, because those who have created the Restricting KONtrolling Systems do not want people to know they can have a RealLife in Real UNUversisss with NO Restrictions & NO Authorities! Everyone has Five Bodies that Agree to be Restricted & KONtrolled, and Each Person 'IS' RealAwarenisss and has The TruPotential to Recogn'IS'e so much more than the struggle of being confined in The Matrixxx of Cause&Effect Creation. THE NUWAVISSS is Not political, religious, spiritual, or any other category Devised by Those who have Decided How Your LifeStyle Here Should Be. Your RealAwarenisss 'IS' a FreeBeing of RealLight in Real UNUversisss with NO Restrictions & NO Authorities! The Real UNUversal Guides will Show You How to Recogn'IS'e The RealU & RealFreedom Now! Decide to Take The Risk & Seee for YourSelf! SING 'NU~U~U~U' and WATCH YOUR DREAMVISIONS!

  • Excerpts from ALL 9 of Duane The Great Writer’s NUBooks in ‘The AdventurIS Series’

    Purchase all 9 PDF NUBooks on this website, to Purchase Hardcover & Paperback use: www.WonderfulWorldWideEducators.com/store





    Duane is being taught in a previous lifetime by RebISar. Meet 'Goldie' the halfbreed Indian who can See the Future!


    RealFreedom IS Here & Now. Test what Duane is presenting with The NU-U Sessions, and you will be shown by RebISar and The RealGuides in Your DreamVisions, 'What IS Real Now!'


    Pall the Seer and Young Duane, are taught during this lifetime by RebISar. There is more to this TruLife Adventure than one can imagine, so come along and learn to have a RealLife Now!


    RebISar takes Duane into the heart of the Supreme Deceptor, the Kalaum God, Lord God of time and space and all creation!


    In 2001, Pall the Seer gave Duane what he termed 'The Rod of Power', which was originally given him by RebISar. THE NUWAVIS, has Now become 'The RealConnection' to The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS!


    Learn to See Beyond this one-dimensional created Matrix of Maya and temporary embodiments with Your DreamVisions The RealSide LifeIS. Most people will chase what is always outside of themselves until they Recognize ALL LifeIS with them Now! With RealGuidance and a RealEducation anything is possible, because you are a 'Being of Light!'


    Duane and Ursha LU the MerMaid, are off on another RealLife Adventure beyond the boundaries of human conditioning. Come along as they enter other dimensions, worlds and UNUverses that are ALLReal!


    Here is a secret place RebISar would take Duane and teach him about his future with The RealPosition. It was also a second home with his NUFriends as they had a hidden life no one else knew about!


    Since the day Pall Twitchell, a Real UNUversal Guide, was purposely taken out of this life by those who are now in Absolute TapLining Kontrol, there has been a Total Takeover by the forces who Kontrol Planet Earth. Here is a RealAdventure like no other that is part of The Greatest WakeUp Ever for this world and YOU!

  • Excerpt NUBook One,

    Meet Goldie the halfbreed Indian who can See the Future

    I don’t know how long I was gone from my body, but when I returned it was morning. As I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky, I could still see the stars as the light of dawn was approaching. I just laid there for a while and looked up at the sky and how free it is. I looked around to see if the cat had returned, but he hadn’t. I knew that I was about to start my new life, whatever it might be. It was another step into the unknown and all that it entailed and I wanted it. I felt a great burden lift from me, now that I had chosen to change directions. I felt free for now. After a while, I got up and walked around to see where I was at. After the experience I had during the night, I almost forgot where I was. Something had taken place that gave me a renewed feeling to go on. I thought about the book and the idea of teaching, which I liked. As I was going over some of the details I wanted to pursue, the cat walked up...

    “Are we ready to ride horsy again?” He said, with his little monotone voice.

    “It sounds like you are excited to ride again, little buddy,” I said, as I laughed at his mannerism.

    I soon saddled up and we were on our way. riding into the area where my parents lived. Mom saw me first and came running over. horse and greeted her with a big hug.

    After a few days, I was They were both there. As she did, I got off my

    “You’ve come home, son! I saw you in the other side and knew you were coming, you look wonderful,” she said, as she hugged me again.

    “And here is Little Feather, mom, he has grown so big,” I said.

    The cat jumped down and said, “Hello, mom, do you have any fish?” She immediately laughed and said sure.

    Dad had been out collecting wood when he walked up. “Well, young man, it’s good to see you, thanks for letting us know that you were coming,” he said, as he laughed and we walked toward the house.

    It was great to see them after all these years. They had built a small house for themselves and so did some of their friends. I went inside to see what they had done.

    “It looks like you are living like the white man, father,” I said jokingly.

    Both of them laughed as dad said, “There are a few things that the whites have done well, and that is they know about building a good place to live.”

    “I am so glad to see that both of you are so well,” I said, grabbing them and holding on.

    “It has been a long seven years away from you. I have learned a lot and it is now time for me to bring a new change into my life. Before I left the post, I read a book on teaching, and that’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m not sure how to go about starting, and so I was hoping that you two would give me some advice.”

    “That’s wonderful,” said mother. “You will be a great teacher. There is so much that you can share with others. You already know so much, and as you teach others, Life will teach you.”

    I could see that dad was thinking about something.

    “Well dad, what do you think?” I asked.

    “There are Indians who want to learn about The Real Worlds, and so there must be white people that want to learn also. I would suggest that you write a book. If you have something to show people they will pay attention. With a book, just like the one you read, people will listen to you and it will prove to them that you are a Real Person. You have many years and even lifetimes of wonderful experiences to share, so you will be busy,” he said.

    “I like the idea, dad, you are very wise. I will start to write immediately and I will need a place to do it,” I said.

    We laughed and then mom said, “That is why we built this place, it is meant to be that you would come back here to write your new book with us and be a great author.”

  • Excerpt NUBook Two,



    MY ENTRANCE WITH THIS REALADVENTURE... Down and down I went from The Real UNUversIS into the darkness of the PsycRealms. I had made the decision and at the same time I questioned myself. As I went thru The Deep Dark Boarder then into the Etheric Realm, I was suddenly with an encumbered body once more. My RealFreedom from The Seventh LifeLevel was now left behind as I had to continue downward into the God Realms of time and space. I could hear the roar of laughter from the Kalaum God as I passed thru the huge Mental Realm. I could feel the intimidation of those asleep to THE ALLLISSS, as I was the one to bring forth what almost no one wanted on the earth, RealTruth & RealFreedom. As I flew ever downward to gain the experiences I needed as a collective impression before entering the limited physical body, I continued to experience the restrictions of the bodies I was taking on once more. As I went thru the Causal Realm, I could sense the memories once again of all those lifetimes of torture and cruelty from the Invented Systems of Kontrol and finally to the life I had on earth before this on as The Golden Warrior. As I continued on, I was feeling the drudgery and involvement of so many minute emotions of the past that were crawling all over me as I went onward thru the Astral Realm and then finally into the vast darkness of the Solid Physical Realm. With the darkened sky in the background, and millions of stars sharing their light, I could see the earth very clearly as I passed the moon off to my right. As I felt myself being guided to my position of return, I was wondering how I would make it through another tested life on the infamous floating rock, the earth. Closer and closer to the earth I sailed until I went through a cloud layer that was spread so far and wide and high above the vast land masses. I flew with invisible wings from horizon to horizon like a bird looking for its nest. With my great view I could see the dotted lights of civilization everywhere as I soared down into the place that I would be starting my new earthly experience again. It was a very rainy evening in the location of my destination, and at some point I penetrated the walls of some unfamiliar building, then into a room where a woman was lying on her back. I felt very resistant as to being here and I also sensed the presence of others with me...

  • NUBook Three, The Real Far Country, The DisinterestedVU

    "Now for BeingISness, The DisinterestedVU. This is for those with the balanced mind. This is where you become indifferent to all things, to all of this outer life that you live in the physical. You simply surrender to The TruReality that sustains all Life, and you are guided into the right positions for yourself. You still love your family and friends, but you let go of the emotional attachments and your control of those you know, and trust your life to something so much better and greater. This is the act of non-attachment, where you move through your daily life with the senses free from attraction and repulsion where you are simply a spectator of the passing show. It is good to be aware of the passions of the mind that hold The RealU to the lower realms. The idea is to have fun with what you are doing with a light heart. The modern world takes itself too seriously, and so the end result is a serious stress problem. If you observe nature and children, before they are too conditioned, you will learn a lot, because they are free and easy with themselves.”

    As RebISar was telling me this, I was dreaming of Ursha and me, and how we liked to play in the ocean with the Dolphins. It is fun being the kid as I am. “I will relate some of the abusive attitudes that hold so many to The Tentacles of TapLines, from The Space Gods and their earthly supporters. These attitudes make up so much of the personal self that people relate to. Until we are invited into a person’s arena to connect them to The TruReality, they are TapLined unconsciously and controlled by the senses and their authoritative offenders. So, for lifetimes people will have to deal with their aberrations on this earthly level, because they have already decided their fate by not making a choice to do better in a RealSense. For the both of you, what I am sharing will help so many as they recognize those things in their life they no longer need. I will give you an outline for the personal self and The RealGuides will take care of The RealU.”

    “First, is what has been termed as lust, where this attitude becomes a demanding and abusive thing of abnormal desire. Lust, may include drugs, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, sex, working just for the sake of money only, or even foods which are eaten for their taste and not their nutritional content. It is not that these things are labeled as bad, they merely apply to the lower senses when they become the entire lifestyle of the individual. It does not make sense that a person can have a life different from the one they have chosen, and so it is with what a person occupies themselves with. These things have a bearing on the individual aura around a person and can put holes in the protection of them. So much of the time it is not the fault of the individual wanting to live his life in a simple and natural manner, but because of the heavy marketing ploys that are all around people in this Tech Era, people are constantly bombarded with the phenomena of supposedly wanting strange desires.”

    “Once the person is hooked, then the mind they are carrying becomes programmed and the unaware soul becomes lost in worlds of desires for something they will always be chasing. The chief function of lust is to pull a person down to the common animal level and keep them there. The political and religious scene of today is a blatant demonstration of the lust for raw and abusive power. Those who have their intent into putting themselves above the unawareness of those they can influence will come to find that their Space God affiliates, always have the upper hand, and when it comes time to take the fall, The Gods of Influence always step aside and allow the ignorance of the power hungry to do themselves in. They know that the unaware soul will return in future lifetimes as their slave once again. This is how The Gods of Man control everything, through the lust of influence. The longing for things that have no value obligates a person to fix their attention on that which is common to both man and brute. It is a principal of psychology that whatever the mind concentrates upon, that thing becomes a part of the individual. Because most people are not aware of The IS, they must put their attention somewhere, so it is usually on some good sounding goal or idea that leads a person right into the arms of The Kalaum Power with his Influence.”

    “Second, along these lines is anger. This idea has been bred into society as a justifiable remedy that never works. Its action is to stir up strife, cause confusion and scatter the mind so that it cannot concentrate on something more beneficial and wonderful, such as RealLove. It destroys peace, engenders hatred and turns people and groups into enemies, solely for the purpose of destruction and control over others. The existing systems use the sly tactics of anger in many disguising ways on the general public to get their support and agreement. If the politicians want something or to control an area and its people, they merely set up a false mask that looks good to their supporters, which in turn arouses their emotions, and then they have a justifiable cause to proceed. What is not mentioned is the fact that only the rulers and controllers reap the benefits, and their faithful supporters pay for everything else, especially the stress they have taken on, along with their own lives and many times their families.” “Here is where The Authoritarians, who represent The Gods of Man, play both sides for themselves. Also, these controllers will pay dearly at some point, even though they think they have won a prize by goading others into a submission. Because of the sources the political movements have today, they can control the media for their personal gains and grab what they justify, and so they will produce a huge amount of fabrication to dominate the minds of others. Some of the obvious signs of anger are; slander, evil gossip, backbiting, profanity, fault-finding, jealousy, malice, impatience, worthless distortion, destructive criticism, resentment, mockery, and ill will. Anger is a mental sickness and so many have been caught up in it and feel that they must suffer through it. This is not so. By doing The NU-U Sessions, The RealGuides will aid a person beyond their personal emotional traps.”

    “Third is greed. The function of greed, is to be bound to material things, and cloud the mind to all higher values, where the individual is locked into themselves and what they want, and not always seeing life from a Universal Prospective. It can be the worst of all the passions. It binds man to the mineral plane of being one with the rocks. Some of the signs of greed are; lying, hypocrisy, misrepresentation, perjury, robbery, bribery, miserliness, and trickery of all sorts. We can live in this world of material things, but we do not want to return unconscious once more to serve the ‘Self-Appointed Authorities.’ At the end of each life here a person ends up with nothing, and then they will start over again in the future with a new life. If they have no RealGuide, and are not willing to pay attention and listen to what Life is always sharing, then their burden will be their own until they step out of greed and into humility. It is best to live your life very simply, and understand that there is always plenty for everyone, and that the competition that is paraded here has no RealValue, but merely a lure by those in control.”

    “Fourth is attachment, meaning undue attachment, and over infatuation. This is the most insidious, and deceitful of them all. This is the mostly unseen part of The Three Headed God, that few recognize as, The Influence. It creeps upon its victims, like the other perversions of the emotions and mind or it comes with flares of trumpets like the Tamash who goes before and approaches the king. But, it generally comes with the appearance of well dressed respectability, of noble bearing of birth and good credentials. It can announce itself as your ally and friend and its ideals are plausible. Attachment, begins its work with the guise of a most respectable friend. Its methods are to blind you to the relative values of your surroundings and associations only, so that you may begin to set a false evaluation with them. After you have become absorbed in them, you will have no time for anything else, especially something valuable like, doing The NU-U Sessions and meeting The RealGuides.” “You are kept forever on the go, most of the time between work. Undue attachment keeps a person from their Real Journeys, into The Real Far Country. Hence, attachment is the channel of procrastination. It involves you in everything possible to keep your time on nothingness, so you can be a slave to it. The Gods of Benevolence, make sure that people are placed in situations that keep them unaware to their TruPotential. The main signs are worries, anxieties, stress, and a setup lifestyle of gaining nothing and business complications that are worthless. None of these have any importance in The Unseen Worlds, so the two of you shouldn’t be bothered with them here.”

    “Fifth, is vanity. There is a dual position for this attitude, so to speak. First, it is the faculty of the mind which gives the power of awareness in the lower bodies to The Utun, which is self-differentiation, The RealU. But then, there is the abnormal exaggeration of this faculty where it becomes a self-admiration. Beginning generally in infancy, it seldom ceases to operate until the death of the body, or at some point when the person decides to shake it off, or by the help of The Real Universal Guides. It is the work of self-righteousness which makes it so strong. Its method is to distort the viewpoint, to present everything out of proportion, to make itself the center of the world. It destroys all sense of humor and humility, or creates its own fiendish type of humor. Vanity is bigotry, self-assertion, an obtrusive show of wealth or power, bossiness, scolding, and being noisy about giving to charity. People who obligate themselves to this attitude are mainly bored and very boring, but will constantly put on the show that their life is special and what they are doing is of the utmost importance, and is usually not so once you see past their drama. Their real goals are usually for their controlling egos and the drama they create ties them to the Astral Zone and The Gods of Manipulation. We do not need these people around us, because they serve no purpose.”

    “These five attributes of The Authoritarians, are the lifestyle of the unaware. It is not so much that people are locked into these ideas, but that they are only choosing an end result for themselves, just like all the other lifetimes they have been here, where they will soon realize they have no place to go accept to the authorities that control them. When The RealGuides are allowed to step into a person’s life, they begin to unravel all the encumbrances and TapLines from The Worshiped Gods, as The Real Connection is gently made. The Attributes of The Kalaum God, lie in the dualistic areas of time and space, good and bad, right and wrong. These ideas, have little or absolutely no value whatsoever with The Whole of Life.” “We are not interested in the opposing formulas of ’this and that,’ and what is taking place on the earth and in the psychic realms, but only as an observation into Becoming MoreAware. We are only interested in RealFreedom. People are mainly bred to be ignorant, because they keep choosing to be so. They look to their authoritative gods for the answer, and their gods give them something like a bone to chew on and not a Real Direction to anything beneficial and lasting. The freedoms these gods imply is one of allowing people to chose their limitations and then live with them. The Reality of Life is agreement, and so as long as each person agrees to their conformity, they shall have it. The Gods of Man imply faith, hope and belief in their petitioning prayer, and in their regulated doctrines and idealisms. When people have RealGuidance, they are shown The RealSide of their lives in relationship to what they are tied to. The RealGuides stand firm in The ISNESS, NOWNESS and HERENESS, of Real Freedom. We have access to The Real Universes."

    “The DisinterestedVU, include the karmaless actions. I will show you how karma binds man in the first three levels, and how you can avoid it. There is no escape from it once it is created and the debt is incurred, but there is a way of living without creating it. The way is to simply Become MoreAware, and act in the name of The ALLLISSS. Those who have their heart and intent with The ALLLISSS, are freed up from the drudgery of the social consciousness. They are protected by The RealGuides, and no longer have to deal with The Lords of Karma. It is for you to be aware that you and IT are the same, and that your life here or anywhere is for The TruPurpose of BeingReal. The Great Reality is karmaless, and so it can be your purpose to follow this principle until your karma is worked off, and you can BE in The Real Universes.” “It is important to have a Real Intent for What IS Real, and then all things will work for you. Once you have applied this Intended Reality in your life, you become free from all restrictions. By the aid of The Great Reality, you rise above the action of the karmic law. As long as you are in the three lower worlds, you are subject to the karmic law, unless you follow out the principal of the karmaless action. When you become aware that The ALLLISSS IS ALL THERE IS, and be IT, as IT IS you, then you are free from the lower burdens. You must act in ITS name and be ITS agent as a Real Guide on earth. Of course, this takes a bit of time, but it can come easy and then it will be so. When you have decided to return The Spark of Reality that is yourself to The IS, and have no desires of your own, then you are living the karmaless life. Both of you will see how this works through Your Real Experiences as I train you from The RealSide in Your DreamVisions."

  • NUBook Four, Duane Confronts the Supreme Deceptor

    “Of course you haven’t been here before, SunnyBoy, not even in your dreams. Even your pesky guide friends have never told you about this place, because it is my secret and mine alone. No one on the earth and all the levels knows that this is my true home, because they do not dare find me. Your guide friends know I exist, but they do not want to alarm people, so they will not divulge me, because I am way too scary for most. You had to find out for yourself the same way you met my ‘pet’ The Influence. I only let the world see what I want them to see of me, and that is what I portray for the masses as my performing deities who make sure I continue to exist, or they will not exist. I am like ‘The Ultimate Phantom of The Opera,’ which I will take credit for writing and having been produced, because I love to ploy the world into thinking that when there is strange and weird drama there must be some hidden meaning. Ha, ha, ha, what fools the MindLovers can be, but it is all the so-called fools that I must unconsciously have for me to become alive in the worlds of my creation known as Maya. All the diabolical stunts and tricks and goodyness originally came from me, I have done it all. So much so that what exists today with all the social weirdness is a bored society that strives to be rid of itself through over consumption. I lay claim to all of them, because I am the biggest and most powerful egotistical brat alive, because all the creatures in the material realms demand it to be so. Even the Kalaum God is my puppet, and he must be so or he will have nothing. What he desires gives me my life, and what everyone else desires because of him, and what he does furthers my own experience with commanding everything that is created. I am the original creator, not the 'front men' that have taken credit for what I have done. In the beginning there was only darkness, and I was that darkness, as it had to be so or nothing could be created. You know this already, NUMAN, because there is nothing that is created in what you term as The Real Universes. But, I would not know of such things, because I am the fulfillment of all that can be created and sought to be something it is not,” he said, as he laughed and laughed.

    “Why are you telling me all of this if you want this place to be a secret?” I asked, feeling a bit mystified by this new experience.

    “Oh, you make it too easy for me, Sunny. I just told you, I am the King when it comes to true vanity, this is my way, because the egos of unawareness have created me to be as I am. I must be this way, because all the fools that agree with what and who I am want it to be so. Besides, there are no real secrets in Life, you know that. All anyone has to do is investigate a little bit and then things start showing up. I have no worries, because there will always be those who add to my position through their ignorance. Besides, who would believe this place exists anyhow? Not the lazy couch potatoes that love their brutal sports games to outdo their opponents that pray to their god to beat the other team. How about the money grabbers that put on their great shows to get a person’s hard earned income? Even for those that do consider these whereabouts, which many have already, especially those that are into the macabre sense of promoting their tales for the sake of collecting money from all those I keep asleep, how would they know where I am? I am the true immortal, The God of all Gods, The Supreme Deceptor, because mankind has made it so. No one can find me unless I let them, and I will never do that. And those poor stupid knuckleheads that do try and find me, and when I do let them, they automatically hurl themselves back to the earth and want to kill themselves, because they have seen the face of ‘Their Real God,’ the one they have decided to rule over them. Ha, ha, ha yes, I am 'The God of Man.' Look at the earth today, I have done a fine job with what the humans have decided for me to do. watching them confuse themselves. I will take all the credit, but actually it has been through the agreements of all those that wanted what is now happening to be so. It has not really been me, but all those that want what they want to be so, and because of it I came into being here at the top of the MindWorlds. I pity the poor humans, yet it is because of them that I am able to support what they want in their lives. They create chaos, and from what they have decided I must produce chaos for them, so they support me and I support them.”

  • Excerpt NUBook Five,

    A mermaid and flat earth? Potato head consciousness, pigheads and more, on The RealSide, Oh my!

    Ursha and I sang The NU-U several times, then we were both high above the TreeHouse. It is so much easier to transcend the other bodies once you are out of the physical. She motioned for me to follow her, and in a matter of moments were were in an endless sky. Then, she stopped, as I looked all around. There was nothing but blue sky everywhere, from the top of us all the way down into a bottomless atmosphere.

    “It is here that The Secret Universal Files exist, but only for us and The RealGuides. This area and position we are in cannot be accessed by those who have not been to The Real Universes, and granted permission to explore these files. Part of The Secret Files are actually multi-parallel created matrix structures, from a formed agreement of consciousness. At first, where I am taking you will seem rather odd, until you begin to understand what has already taken place from what multitudes of unaware souls have done to themselves. We are here to provide the knowledge of what the humans have locked themselves into, so they can better understand how to get themselves out and into Wonderful Universes,” she said, as she put her hand forward and outlined an opening for us.

    We were both instantly into a new realm, new for me anyhow. All of a sudden I could smell something funny, as Ursha laughed at my reaction. Then, in the distance I saw what I could not register at first. I kept looking, while Ursha looked at me and giggled. What is that? I said to myself in a jest.

    “Ha, ha, Dude, I told you you would be surprised. That is actually the earth as it really is, as you might say we are looking at the backside of what has been created from all the fronts humans have manufactured. There are many parallel dimensions like this, and each of them has its own way about it, but this is one of the more humorous ones, so I knew you would like to have the experience,” she said, as I stared.

    No human would accept this place as anything but a strange dream, and yet, it has been the humans on the earth who have unknowingly created this matrixed realm. What I was looking at is so preposterous, and yet I was staring right at it. It was the earth, but from this place it looked like a cooked potato, it really did. It was not the nice round image that I have known and seen in pictures, but an offsetted oblique-like distortion of a giant glob of play-dough, that some kid would have molded with their hands, then tossed into space. I began to laugh. This is great! I said to myself. I get to write about this, and what will you as the reader think about this? Well, if you do The NU-U sessions, you may see this place in Your DreamVisions. Who would accept the fact of Ursha LU, the MerMaid, being with me and having all these adventures. Well, one of The NUStudents has already met Ursha in the Real Universe, and she told me about her experience. And so, here is yet something else to write about for others to wonder about. All of a sudden, I liked this whole scene.

    “I knew you would come around sooner than later, Duane. Let's have fun, and go down to the surface, and will you ever be surprised,” she said, as she took my hand and led the way.

    We were soon hovering over one of the oceans, which I PerSeeved to be the Pacific. Ursha, nodded her head as we flew towards the shoreline. As we approached the civilized part of the land, I could see strange structures, that were somewhat like houses and buildings, but they were not erect like they are on earth, but rather slanted and bulgy-like, as though Dr. Seuss had developed this place. We flew down to the surface along what I would presume to be the highway at some point where I lived in this reflective realm.

    “You don't live here, Duane. Your other worlds and universes are filled with light and beauty. The unaware humans have created this place for themselves without their even being aware of it. Some may get glimpses in their groggy dreams, but for the most part they have no idea they are tied to places like this. This world is actually not as bad as so many that have been created and are in operation from the imaginations of the Sleeping Societies,” she said, as I looked around.

    Suddenly, I began to see the inhabitants, as they were driving their strange vehicles, and some of them were walking along the street. They were not always visible, as some of them were like holograms that would gradually appear and then fade away. I watched the ones who seemed to be more solid, and for you the reader, you will find this farout, these creatures with their distorted bodies looked like human vegetables.

    “Ha, ha, ha, now you see why I brought you here? The Matrix Consciousness of this place is so low that these people have become like vegetables. When you see people on the earth and how they live and react to their environment, and what they have decided for their personal life, as you look through their outer appearance, there then becomes other dimensions like this one within their Designed Consciousness. This is the lesson you are writing about as we are here in this area. Most humans do not understand all the connections they are tied to from lifetimes of emotional thought processes, and the strange fantasies and personal involvements they have lived. These are projected worlds each person has made for themselves, and as time and events go on, so does the ongoing solidness of these worlds. Those people that you see appear then fade away, are the newly arrived ones who are just getting used to this place. The reason so many people do not remember their dreams, or even dream at all is, because they do not want to see the worlds they have created from their imagination, and thoughts they have used to make a place like this,” she said.

    These creatures are of a cartoon fantasy, like a Bart Simpson toon and his family, but even moreso. These people looked like potatoes, and other vegetables. I watched the motions of them as they walked along. It was as though they tried to not notice each other and how the next person was. There was a definite self consciousness to these strange embodiments, and I could clearly sense it, as this eerie world was a living enactment of the inadequacies of the human person.

    “This is all part of the learning process for each Utun to finally wakeup from their projected dreams, and you might say the 'spells' they have cast upon themselves from unconscious lifetimes of being slaves to others. What we are seeing is your basic humans, who are mainly potato heads on a potato planet. These people are actually okay compared to The TaskMaster RuleMakers, who are their own breed, as you will see,” she said, as she took my hand and we flew in the sky.

    We moved very fast, about twenty feet above the ground. I watched the scene below as we passed over huge areas of civilized structures. Then at some point, I knew we were on the eastern side of this country I would assumed to be the United States. Ursha nodded in agreement, and then pointed to the far distance. We were approaching the Washington DC area, as I could see the land marks of the area, which were strange replicas of what I have seen on earth. As we came into the center of the city, I saw the White House, which was not white at all, but more like decayed vegetation, with a lot of viney growth allover the huge acreage. Ursha, led us down to the surface, and we landed in front of the entrance. I suddenly knew where the smell I had first encountered on this planet was coming from, it was from the rottenness of this place.

    “That's right, Duane. Since the first inception of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, this is what it has all come to, a disgusting distortion like never before. Even the Atlantians, didn't go this low with their awareness, and they purposely self-destructed like so many other races in Human History. Humans cannot be trusted, because they like to breed decay and inharmony. Its like the Fourth of July every year, its not really about the original independence, because most people have forgotten those events from lifetimes ago, its all about getting 'wasted' and cheering on the good times, which only get worse from the misbehavior of incompetent adults. Let's walk inside and see who's here, shall we?” she said, as she waved her hand and the doors automatically opened.

    For a moment, I stood and looked inside, because it was very dark, and from what I could see, there was a lot of moldy stuff on the floor and walls. I felt as though it was that scene in Indiana Jones, The Temple of Doom, where Indy and his woman went into the cave from their bedroom. I could sense the ungodly aroma and aura of this place, even though it was something pertinent to the gods themselves. Ursha led the way, as I followed and stepped inside. I was now somewhere that cannot be described. There was strange stuff crawling on the walls. It looked to be a goopy globbyness of greenish infected snot. The stench was rather overwhelming.

    “I wanted you to see this place first hand, because it is from all the malignant intent of those who have taken over as their own authorities, those who have an adamant attitude of ruling all the potato heads and veggie brains on the planet. This is part of The RealSide of what The Authoritarians of the earth have created from all their misdeeds,” she said.

    As we walked along, the distorted embodiments that occupied this place began to appear. I was very surprised to see they were not like the potato heads of the so-called average citizen, not at all. These creatures were more like sausage links with arms and legs, a malfunctioning version of the hot dog toon in those commercials for DerWienerschnitzel. As I looked closely at them I could see what would have been their their hands and feet, they had pig hoofs with all four. What a sight, I said to myself, as I watched their animated movements.

    “You might say these people are lowlife pig parts, because they display the idea of being animalistic with their nature and consciousness. They have developed the tendency to want whatever they want, and it is usually from others and their labors, so they are like pigs, which is what you are seeing here. These are some of the workers for the bigger pigs, and that is where we are going right now, to a meeting the Big Pigs are having” said Ursha, as she I followed her.

    We walked along the grotesque distorted hallway. I would stop at times to look at the pictures on the walls. They were of some of the past Presidents of the US. Most of them were old looking and resembled large bulging sausages. When we came to the end of the hallway, Ursha stopped and pointed to a set of doors directly in front of us.

    “The Ogre Office, Duane. This is where all the big frauds laid out for the potato heads take place. From the earth, it all looks so official and proper, but we are seeing things how they really are from this area of The RealSide. Let's go in, there is a meeting taking place right now, and this is why I brought you here at this time,” she said, as she made the door open for us.

    I followed Ursha into a dimly lit room, as I saw a group of fat headed sausages creatures sitting around a big table. I knew they couldn't see us, because of their lowlife consciousness. I followed Ursha around the room, as she pointed out certain things about what was taking place. These rancid pigpart conglomerations were laughing and drinking, as though it were some kind of a party for them. They wore apparel that looked to be something proper for who they were and what they were presenting themselves as. Half of them smoked what looked to be large hand rolled cigars. The air was polluted with their stench, as I could also smell these pigbrains and the lack of proper deodorant they must have forgotten to use before coming here. Ursha began to explain the scene...

    “Take a close look at the President, Duane. It is none other than Obombanation! I know its hard for you to identify them, but that's Bushbrain and Clintoxin, sitting next to him. They are discussing all the illegal drugs they are smuggling in, along with the GMO TechFood, GenetiKali Modifried Organs, for the unsuspecting potato heads. They have implanted radical toxins in the GMO TechSeeds, so they can eliminate most of the planets populations. What we are seeing is what is taking place Now. You already know about these things, and now your readers will have a better understanding of what is taking place on the earth. Of course, just like the scene we are in right here, most people will consider what you are writing about to be science fiction, not at all realizing that all life on earth is already science fiction,” she said, as I watched.

    From The RealSide, you can actually get a much better view of the intent and all the proposed distortion that is taking place on the earth. People make choices, and its all fine and good, and they can also hide everything they are doing, which again is okay. But, what they do not see is their own future, and how they keep projecting themselves into a worse and worse situation. These pigheaded sausage parts, do not care in the least for the dumbfounded breeds of potato heads. And so it will be that all the lost souls on earth who have put their trust, and most of all their intent with these animalistic brats, will soon find themselves in distorted bodies, just like those people in VietBombed, where Monstersantoz, the creator of Agent Orangdie, sprayed the vegetation and the village people with their toxic mixtures, and the end result has been deformed embodiments. I have seen the pictures on the Internet, and this will be the future of all humans, as today there is a huge saturation of toxic pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and GMO Tech Food, which is radically infecting everything.

    “These pighead parts will be returning in their own distortions, as they will be karmicly paying for what they are doing here. They are so blatantly arrogant, as they have invented the system they operate, and also portray to the public they are benevolent men and women of the gods they worship, as does the Holeyheaded Poop, with his Ratinthecan friends. We are to let people know that The Real Universes do exist, because The PigHead Beliefaum Systems have convinced the potato heads of potato planet, that there is no light past what they have produced,” she said.

    I watched as the pigheaded brats were making their plans to over- drug the public from every means possible.

    “Almost all of the diseases and plagues that the potato heads have experienced have been manufactured by the PigBrats. JD Rockerfellon, was one of the most notorious of them all. You can see his picture on the wall over there,” she said, as Ursha pointed to a bunch of crookedly hung PigHead portraits.

    As I looked at the slimy framed yucky pictures, I decided I had had enough of this place, and said, “Can we go now?”

    She laughed, as we both flew straight up and above the yucky place. I could suddenly smell some better air. Then, off we went into the sky until we were once again back into a better dimension. I was glad to see the blue sky of this realm.


    “I want to write about some of this in this book, Miss. Its time that people knew what has been taking place right under their noses. It amazes me how ALL of Life is right in front of us, but we need RealGuidance to get through it and to see it,” I said, as we were now back in our room in the TreeHouse.

    “I have something for you, watch this scene where RebISar is bringing Pall into THE ROD OF POWER. Notice the reaction of The TruReality to Pall. See how it swirls around him and emanates like an ALLAliveness and excitement throughout him. This is because of Pall's Real Intent and TruHeart. THE ALLLISSS, has picked him, because IT knows he can handle IT, and loves IT so very dearly. Now, here is another scene with Derwood, as The Boys are in The Valley of The Real with him when his time came as a test. Watch what happens, as RebISar brings Derwood close to The TruReality. See how IT moves about at first, as though IT is hesitant. The Boys know what is taking place, and at the same time, Derwood still has a physical body and they want someone to at least attempt The RealPosition, with THE ROD OF POWER, because they wanted to try and save Pall's creation. Those who were not The RealGuides, and who were present at this moment, were only seeing what they did from a certain angle. As they were standing in the present-tense, in front of this scene, The TruReality did not actually engulf Derwood, but was moreso in back of him several feet away. But, from the view of the onlookers, it did appear as though Derwood was standing in IT.

    Unless a person has a TruInsight, their personal self will judge the experience, as their RealAwareness is not ready to PerSeeve what is truly taking place with this TruReality.”

    “Next, we have Jerold, and so watch this. Here is RebISar again, and bringing Jerold up near the position, but Jerold is a bit hesitant, and a little afraid, that is why he wanted to wait for another year. Look at how The TruReality has moved even further back from him. Also, as this scene moves around him, you will notice there are no onlookers, because The Boys didn't want others to see what was really taking place. They were happy with the idea that the membership would just hold together until they got you ready. No person on earth truly understands what a TruSincerity it takes to handle THE ROD OF POWER, plus so many other qualities most people have never even heard of. Also, we must refer to the experience he had where Pall manifested to him, while he was walking across the street one day, and Pall appeared as a beggar and said to him, while they were stopping traffic, “Why are you embarrassed of me? Jerold was the good little errand boy, and he really did want to be somebody, but he didn't have the courage The Boys wanted him to have, but he was at least loyal to their cause, and so they gave him a try. It really took a lot of convincing on their part to get him as far as this scene here. Once Jerold started to get the hang of what The Boys were presenting to him, he began to see and realize there was a lot more benefit than what he first saw as a huge job to surmount. But then, Jerold suddenly saw himself as the worshiped master with the membership. Well of course, The Boys could see every little attitude of Jerold's, but they were not concerned, accept for getting someone in to hold things together. You, still had a lot of training to go through before they could get you ready, so Jerold was the next best thing. Rather humorous,huh?”

    “Now, here comes the fun part. In 2001, when you met with Jerold and he went off with Krone and The Influence, as you walked up to Pall who was standing under The Tree of Your Life, look at how The TruReality jumped for the chance to enter you. That is why you felt the jolt you did when it came directly into you. IT knew exactly how you felt and what your Real Intent IS! And so, just like you, IT overdosed you with Itself. The Boys knew you had to take IT on, and they knew IT would be too much for you, but you were all that was left on the entire earth to do it. They were considering Phil, as you had experienced in Your DreamVision of him on the wave next to you, but just like in your experience, he took off in a different direction, which meant he would have just followed what Jerold was doing. Besides, Jerold did not want to let go of what he now had and which has become his only. Also, he would have taken a beating from Krone. So, they didn't attempt anything with him. He wrote some very good books, but he didn't have the courage to create The NUPresentation the way you have Now. I liked Phil, as he is very honest, but too shy for this task, and he wouldn't have explored the World Systems, the way you have and discovered all the hidden secrets. You have confronted the Earthly Gods, and they did listen for a moment or so, and so we shall see how all these arrogant humanoids end up this time around. We will have fun writing this book together, Duane.”

    “In this scene, I will be showing you how Derwood met The Influence, and how she came to him, but he never let the membership know about her, because he didn't want to rock the boat, besides he kind of liked her, as he was a seducer himself, very similar to her. When he stepped into the position with The Corporation as the 'master,' in the background, rather hidden, but still lingering there was his real intent, which was all about himself first of all. He knew it, but he projected a front for himself and others to accept, and The Boys knew this too, but they wanted to see if he would develop The RealCourage to do Something Real. Now that we can look closely at what Derwood did, we see how he maneuvered himself into what eventually showed up for him. I know that some of your NUStudents are rather tired of hearing about Derwood and Jerold, but they haven't gotten the full lesson yet as to what has taken place and how what they did has a great bearing on all that is taking place on the earth Now. Again, where is The RealCourage with these people? Many of them are still afraid, as they have their good lives, and their even better excuses to stay the same as they have always been. That is why you never wanted a membership, and you are not concerned whether people take your course or not, because you have taken the time to make a Great Gift for them, yet they still see it as another 'discourse' to sign up for. They do do see the fact that they have so much more to realize and accomplish than just being satisfied with their outer life and how they 'feel' about things. Yes, there are those who are still bored hearing about Derwood and Jerold, but they are never bored with all the lies and deception of all the Presidents and politicians, that were after Jackson and Kennedy. Not at all!”

    “What will any of these people really ever do? Pall and RebISar have given them so many hints, yet they still sit on their rears and expect you to keep performing for them, and at the same time will they support what you are doing? You give your wonderful books away to people, and for the most part, they never have time to read them, yet everything they are looking for to save their little bitty lives is in those pages. The TruReality is expressing Itself with every word you write, because you are so centered in IT. The earth is coming to a very possible end, as the inner PsycRealms are collapsing, as you have laid out in your writings. In Pall's time, the Fifth Level, was the 'Soul Plane,' but all of that has changed, as you were shown. There is a part of the Etheric Level that is TruSpirituality, but there is also the darkened area of the subconscious, which Krone controls over the membership. By her very control with the TapLines she has embedded into the membership, they are held to an even lower position than that of Derwood's members. We have went over some of this in NUBook Three, and as of several years ago, Derwood left his physical body and is now having to deal with what he did to his followers, as he can no longer move about,” she said.

    “Yes, I have seen him, and he is restricted to the lower Astral levels, and must work with those he became responsible for. Pall never did what Jerold and Derwood did, and he went right into THE ALLLISSS, when he suddenly left the earth from the poisoning given to him. Pall was doing what I am doing, that of interfacing with everything that is taking place on the earth and up into the PsycRealms. Derwood will now have a lot to do with all those who have looked to him, as the earth takes on whatever is still possible to happen,” I said.

    As we both know, Pall talked about The Influence, as the 'Shadow,' in his dream book, but he never really defined her as you have in your writings. Well, Derwood was introduced to her, as you were when you were Goldie, but she appeared to you as a man at the time. The Boys, always let The Influence come around to those they are looking at to take on a big position to be responsible for, because they want to see how a person reacts, which they already know, but they always let a person exercise their Free Will. Just like you watch all those movies you do to see how a person will handle themselves with all the experiences they are going through, the same is true of The Boys, they let Life take ITS course, because all of us must go the 'Course,' if we are to be able to stand with THE ALLLISSS. The lessons that Pall brought out were just the beginning, and not the end result. You are The TruCompleteness, Duane, in The NUNowness,” she said.


    Ursha and I took a break and went to the beach for awhile. We sat together and discussed the contents of this NUBook...

  • An Excerpt from NUBook Six, 

    The Primitive Self, The Censor & The RealU

    The subconscious arena, is part of the individual's psyche, which is inaccessible to the personal consciousness, and consisting of repressed desires and their associated ideas. It can often disturb the conscious personal life in dreams and phobias, as the primitive self wants to get it pleasures and satisfaction known and experienced. This is so true, as most people add emotion to their experiences, especially their daily drama, and the repression of the PsycEnergy wants to escape and always effects the user in some manner, whether good or bad according to the individuals lifestyle. So, in a person's dreams, they are usually dragging themselves through those situations they are constantly deciding, and so instead of resting at night in a peaceful mode they are continuing their daytime drama on other levels. This is where the human ego very seldom gives itself a rest, but stays headstrong and adamant about all the ideas and situations it is involved with, as well as the mental and emotional baggage it carries. The answer here is RealGuidance, as The NUStudent of The Real Guides is helped to relieve the unseen pressures from within. Because The REPSystems have been set up a certain way to install guilt and self-punishment, most people continue to consider what they are doing with their life is the best course to take. Its almost like, 'a person with no problems is not a person at all.' This is the silly immature human side in control, but actually out of control and lost to What IS Real.

    As a protection against shame and punishment, each person establishes a guard over their subconscious realm, which they are usually unaware of, that is always trying to make them do something out of their lower nature. This established guard is known as the Censor. It is, you might say, many times at war with the ego, the outer established persona, that likes the Pleasure Principal and all it desires. Also, between these two aspects of the mind is another principle which acts as the referee that tries to get the Censor and the ego to adjust the differences between them, which would be The RealU, once a recognition of what is transpiring takes place. For most people, it takes a lot of intensive training to see through all their own self-made illusions. The Censor, is the conditioned side of the individual, like with those who have a moral upbringing and a conditioned Conscience, which wants to deny the pleasures of the ego, or that which would possibly do harm to it. It would be like a man or woman that has been brought up through religious morals and will not have sex before getting married, even though the ego is wanting to have the sex or lust for the other person, the moral side, the Conscience will not allow it. So, a conflict begins within a person as to what they want and what they supposedly know is best for them. This is where the Pleasure Principle and the Censor face off. Thus, creating dreams of a similar nature that involve the conflict of the two aspects that have been actually created by each person according to what they accept is their reality. All of this is personal experience, but because of our social upbringing, we are all exposed to certain ideas and ideals as our life continues here. The old saying, “Let your Conscience be your guide,” will work if one is possibly the most honest and humble person on the planet, but if they were raised by thieves and murders, those agreements and actions according to the Conscience would be definitely different.

  • An Excerpt from NUBook Seven,

    RebISar & The Golden Guides

    LU and I stayed for the longest of experiences in this Sky Position. We went cloud hopping, as we made our own clouds and Sky ISlands on them. Duane on the Earth, was writing everything down as we were to now move into the informational realm of what the humans might expect from their Dictator Lords . Just like World War l & ll, the Imperialist Elites have been setting into motion World War III. The DarkBrats had failed at their attempt to create a 'Fake Alien Invasion,' as they wanted to nuke the upper surface of the Earth, as they would have hid with all their goodies in their underground tunnels, but were surprised by the counter attack from the Offset Forces on Earth. New York, which never has experienced earthquakes, suddenly did in 2011, as it was actually a nuclear blast to the Alienoids underground tunnels, which killed thousands of them and postponed their plans of eliminating billions of surface people. All this seems so hard to accept as the unaware public is so subdued by the false patriotism from their hypnotical educated upbringing, which of course the Elitists, like JD Rockerfellon had helped to create. As we were having a little fun from all the boring creatures we had met so far, one of The Unknown GoldenGuides appeared to us, then escorted us to one of the many Sky ISLands on the Etheric Level. He telepathically communicated that he wanted to share what could possibly happen as events are unfolding from the past into a near future for the humans on Earth...

    “A World War lll scenario was developed decades ago, as two World Wars, plus other wars, have already been achieved by the plans of the DarkBrats. The Third World War envisions have been taking place, as Clintoxin, Bushbrain, and now Abomb, are heading the illegal position of Presiden'dahs. As dumbed-down, drugged, and obedient America is firmly entrenched into the Middle East with the majority of its first-line units, then other countries will enact their attacks into other areas of the planet as part of the same setup. Then, with America's forces stretched well beyond the limit, other major powers will invade smaller ones. This will then usher in the start of World War lll. Of course, none of this has to happen, because everyone has Free Will, but the Elites have been planning this for a long time, and now they are facing a lot of opposition, so they will continue on with as much as they can to the bloody end. 911, was a prime factor in this plan to destroy billions of people, simply to prepare for their confinement, as did Adewf Hitliar do with the Jews. All those who become emotionally subject to the events on Earth will have to deal with the effects for lifetimes, as is what took place with Japan and the phoney earthquake of 2011. On the OtherSide, the Unseen Ashtron Worlds, the impact of all that is taking place becomes installed in a person and they will carry the burden far into a dark future as they are plagued with more corruption from the DarkSide and their own unidentifiable awareness.”

  • Excerpt NUBook Eight,

    Mermaids are Real on Blue Sky Island...Do you want to Seee?

    “You are going to learn a lot about where you are and what we can do, Young Duane. First off, there is no time here as you know it on the SurfaceWorld of the humans. Time is merely a decided idealism the humans have contrived to enslave themselves to their daily routines of mainly wanting something. When you return to the surface it will be the same moment as when you left, so enjoy your stay with us and you will learn a lot. Besides, you will like being with us instead of your boring mother and surface buddies. You can get up now and come with us if you would like to see what else there is here,” she said, as she reached out her hand for mine, and then pulled me to her.

    Miss Ursha was young like me, all the girls were. All of them held me next to them and swam me along as I looked over this wondrous world of underwater beauty. I would have thought it would have been dark down here, but it was like daylight. Everything had a vibrant turquoise tint of colored light to it, just like in those pictures you see of tropical islands and the ocean all around them. As I looked up, I could see the sun gleaming brightly through the reflectiveness of the water and down to all the bottom. This was suddenly a magical moment in my life, as I went along with the experience. This was a world of surreal beauty that I had never imagined possible, a place like in Peter Pan, where he was with his MerMaid friends. I felt so calm and free as we effortlessly cruised along. The girls kept swimming upward until we reached the surface and we had our heads above the water. Then Ursha spoke to me like all humans do.

    “Look around Duane,” she said, as she gestured with her hand from the water.

    I looked all along the surface of the water in all directions and I couldn’t see anything, but beautiful blue water. All I saw was the blue ocean everywhere and the sky touching the horizon on all sides. The huge sun was a giant ball of light in the great distance producing all the marvelous watery reflections that went every which way and seemed to center on us. I was in a dream world and I seemed to be lost with all of it. It was so much better than being in school.

    “Ha, ha, ha Duane, you are not lost, you are free and away from the drudgery of your confinements. We have made this moment just for you, so let's have fun,” she said, as the girls took my hands and led me back into their world of water.

    We swam back down into the depths until I suddenly saw what appeared to be a huge underwater city. We were high above as we came flying down upon it like birds from the sky.

    “This is our home, Duane, and you will meet my family and all my friends and so much more. You will love this adventure,” she said, as we swam into this city of wonderfully carved blue coral.

    We floated along near the bottom as the girls led me into what would look to be a very large house with big carved archways. Inside there was not a lot to describe, because it all looked about the same, blue coral that had a light all its own. Then, from another room came two other MerBeings, as I would guess to call them.

    “These are our parents, Duane. This is my father Royth, and my mother Shamtah,” said Ursha, as I shook both their hands.

    “Hello, I am Duane from the earth,” I said jokingly, as all of us laughed.

    “We know who you are, Duane, and it is your time to know why you are here. The Surface Dolphins brought you here, because The Real Guides want you to remember the times you were here before and what your whole purpose with the earth is in this present day, and also the future that will be coming for you. You have been here in many of your past lives, as you have always lived by the sea or been a sailor of sorts. Very few are as privileged as you, because your heart holds The Key to Secret Worlds of Unspeakableness. You do not know this yet, but through all the events that are being developed, you will come to realize who you really are and The TruGift you are bringing,” said Shamtah, with the loveliest voice I had ever heard.

    I had no words to relate what they were telling me. RT had never mentioned this place or these people, yet they seemed to know me. But then again, I wondered if he did and I wasn't paying attention. I suddenly remembered several times seeing something past the waves when mom and I lived in Long Beach. As I looked within myself it suddenly came to me that it must have been Ursha LU waving to me. There were also other experiences in my Dream Visions where I saw glimpses of possibly her.

    ”Some of what you have already experienced is coming back to you, Duane. I can See what you are Seeing within yourself. When you were being taught by The RealGuides in your previous lifetimes, you lived here for many TimeFrames. We all knew each other then. That is when we taught you to breathe here. Your present lifetime has taken you to a whole new place of experience and so you need a little refresher course to bring you up to date. You are the 'modern era man' now Duane, because this world is in the most dangerous of times, and there are only a very few with a Real Insight to help mankind. RebISar and The RealGuides have provided you with a lot of knowledge and experience and we will do the same, because of your future involvement with The Surface World. We have evolved from the humans that live on the surface, and all those who have chosen to be here love the ocean as you do. Just like your friend RebISar, who keeps a body on the earth to assist others into The Real Universes, we do the same service. Mankind needs a lot of help and mainly a RealEducation, because of what is taking place now. And so, this is where you will eventually become known on the surface to many of the humans.”

    “When Atlantis was here, the inhabitants of that time advanced into the knowledge of a technology similar to what is taking place on the surface today, and because they did, they eventually destroyed themselves, because the majority of humans are too immature to handle too much technology. All advanced technology ends up with the WarMongers, the Authoritarians and the Brutalitarians, those who were kings, chiefs and barbarians in their past lives, and who still want to brutally rule over the weak and unaware. These are the main groups that rule the earth people and some of those that reside in the next two levels, the Astral and Causal Worlds. What we are sharing with you is for your future when you will write about all of this,” said Shamtah, with a beautiful smile on her face.

    I thought for a moment about what she said and I was rather clueless. RT has told me a lot, along with all the experiences I have had with him, which are ‘out of this world,’ but this experience was really far out, and right in my back yard. I have have an untold number of experiences on many levels, along with visions, and with all of this I was trying to put together what I was experiencing now.

    I had to laugh to myself as I said, “I do not see myself writing, because I do not like school and I faked my way through English, just to get a passing grade, mainly to please mom. I do not like the educational schools and what they teach. I would rather be in the ocean like you.”

    Everyone laughed and then Ursha said, “You are so cute, Duane. You have great wisdom far beyond what any of the Surface Systems will ever know, and that is why you cannot be contained by them. For you, they are all boring and it is the same with us, as we are not interested in the contrived methods the Surfacers do themselves in with. If we need any of the Surface Knowledge, we can always get it with our own sources, but for the most part, we do not need what the humans have invented. Most humans are very undisciplined and unruly, as they usually ruin everything they create and then dump it all over and create more hazards for everyone. The TimeFrame you are now in is a preparation for you. All of what we are doing parallels what is taking place on the earth, yet we are outside of it, so the World Controllers cannot touch us. As you mature and gain more experience you will perceive why you are here and what you are to do. You always have free will, but we know your intent better than you do at this time, and so your life will always be as it is now, an adventure into the unknown to provide something wonderful.”

    “Wow, I really like this! Can I come here again?” I asked.

    “Of course you can, and we will show you how to find us when you have the need or just to visit. For now, you will be staying a while so we can show you what you will need to better survive the Surface World. Follow us and we will give you a tour of our world,” said Ursha, as she led the way out into the openness of the ocean with her sisters, as I waved to her parents an Aloha.

    As we swam out from their place, a school of Dolphins came along beside us, all giggly and enthused. They came almost face to face and then turned and swam in front of us.

    “They want us to follow them, Duane, they have a big surprise for you,” said Ursha, as she smiled and led the way.

    We quickly swam over multitudes of similar dwellings like Ursha’s parents place. As we were above the area I could see how vast this place is, as it seemed to go on and on. I wondered if any of the government agencies like the military knew this place was here, and so I asked Ursha...

    “They cannot see or find us Duane, unless we want them to, which we don’t. You are seeing all of this, because we want you to see it. To the Surface People, they only see the material side of the ocean and undersea life. Their awareness is blocked by all the ideas and beliefs they have held to for lifetimes, so The Real Magic Life IS cannot penetrate their literal and intellectualized conditioning. You are still young yet, but you will soon be learning about the governments of this earth and what they are really doing. For the most part, they cannot be trusted, because they are into controlling others for some silly material gain and personal egotism. The Rule Lovers have become a huge breed among the social orders and are multiplying rapidly. Many of them are reptiles from other planets and sub-levels of the Astral Worlds. We are going to teach you about our survival here, so you have the same advantages as we do. There are very few Surface People we can trust, but we love and trust you. The Dolphins know you love them and that is why they are going to show you something wonderful, as you will see Duane,” said Ursha, as she led the way.

    The Dolphins were a ways ahead of us as I continued to look over all the terrain on the bottom. Then, when I looked up I saw we were going towards a huge coral formation that looked to be like the capitol of this place. It was carved sort of like a giant temple with a very large opening in the front. It had huge carved Dolphins heads on each side of the entrance that jetted out as though they were welcoming you. With all the unique surroundings, it was truly a picturesque scene like you would see in a Disney movie, as the Dolphins, who were ahead of us, stopped at the entrance and waited until we arrived. As we approached, one of the Dolphins was communicating to Ursha...

    “The Great BluDolphin will see us now, Duane,” said Ursha, as she took my hand and we swam into the huge underwater domain.

    I was actually a little nervous about meeting whoever it was. We entered the enormous room and what I saw was so unbelievable. There were thousands of beautiful Dolphins of various colors and sizes moving all around the huge interior. They were of the most vibrant colors which almost shimmered along their bodies. Then, they relaxed and were now floating almost motionless, as they had their whole attention on us, as we slowly moved and floated to the center of this enormous room. My heart was pounding for a moment, because this was a new experience for me, and one I could not have imagined. Then, I noticed a movement in front of us as the water swirled for a bit and there became the appearance of this huge BluDolphin from a room that was not too noticeable. The creature was as big as a whale and looking right at me. My mouth fell open again as I stared and I could feel Ursha’s hand push my chin up.

    “You don’t want to swallow any Minnows, Duane,” she said as she laughed along with her sisters.

    When she said what she did, I relaxed and continued to look straight ahead at The Great BluDolphin. He had the biggest turquoise blue eyes, and his expression was like a majestic smile. The entire place was very still without any sound, as all of us floated and looked at each other. Then I heard an impression from him...

    “Hello Duane, you have returned once again in a new body to continue your RealEducation with us.”

    Ursha took my hand and moved me closer to The Great BluDolphin. I now stood facing this enormous Being, as I could feel his presence like a god of this world, then he spoke once more...

    “Ha, ha, young Duane, there are no gods, but the ones in the minds of the humans and other entities that have invaded this earth and other planets. You already know this and have the wonderful assistance of The Real Universal Guides. We are here to protect mankind from his unaware self, and so we have the full time job of keeping an eye on what is taking place on this world. We brought you here, because you will be a great presenter in the public like Pall Twitchell.”

    He hesitated for a moment and so I had to ask, “RebISar mentioned his name to me as one of The Real Guides that would be coming to bring a new presentation to this world.”

    “He is already here, Young Duane, and you will soon meet him and become very involved with what he is teaching. We have access to many TimeFrames, and the future for the humans is already set to the basic standards most people have created their momentum with. And it is so that all of the future can change, but for the most part, as I have seen for eons, humans will do what they have always done, eliminate themselves and stay unaware. There will be multitudes who will listen, but very few of them will follow through and learn The Real Secrets of THE IS. Your time will come to know all things and where you fit in. We know we can trust you to help safeguard our position and also provide a Real Service for the humans that always seem to want to create more problems than they can handle with their lives. The Surface World of The Unaware is once again at the brink of self-destruction and what they decide impacts all creatures here. We have the means to move into the next level, but most of the creatures on the planet will suffer unless the REPSystems provide a new avenue of resolution for their present situations of continued chaos. In your time here you will become aware of those who actually control the planet earth for their own demise and that of others. You will know so much more than any average human,” said The Great BluDolphin.

    “Wow,” I said, “I really didn’t know this world was in such bad shape, Sir. What can someone like me do?”

    “You will do your great part when the time comes. The agencies that rule the public do not tell the truth about the affairs of this world, that is why you have not been properly informed. The masses are led to believe everything is fine and life will go on as usual, but this is not so. When Pall brings his writings out, he will share what will be taking place in some of the future TimeFrames here. The biggest takeover will be the synthetic food and drug industry and what they will be putting into the formulas of what they are selling people. There are too many people on the planet and the REPSystems have begun years ago to eliminate them through various means that are made to look natural, such as various types of diseases, and so-called terrorist attacks. There is a chemical waste treatment going on right now that is affecting what will show up in the future. Because of all the tech advancements in this era there has been a lot of misuse, along with those who want to contribute to all the destructiveness. The world powers are adamantly set on their own goals of dominating everything and putting all people into a type of psychological containment that will lead to a very bad situation for so many. What The Real Universal Guides are presenting will be the hardest task for most to understand, as most people have been subconsciously and psychologically induced by the Invented Systems for many lifetimes, and so most people carry the unconscious burden of their pastlives with them,” he said, as he blinked his big blue eyes at me and then smiled.

    I was rather taken back from all that he said. At this time I was still very young and immature when it came to what is going on with society as a whole. I had been going through a lot of experiences with RT and The Real Guides, but I had been sheltered from all of what The BluDolphin was telling me. Then, to my surprise, RebISar appeared with a shorter man in light blue clothing next to The Great BluDolphin. Then I heard RebISar say...

    “Here is your new friend, Duane, as you will get to know him better as the years come about for you to meet him in your daily life.”

    RT smiled, along with Pall, as they both waved and then disappeared after a few seconds. Wow, I thought, this is so cool.

    “Ha, ha, ha, Duane,” said Ursha, as she put her arm around me and kissed me. “You really love this don’t you?”

    I was surprised by what she did and said, “I love everything that keeps me free and has nothing to do with boring school.”

    “You are the Peter Pan of the waves, Duane,” she said, as she smiled.

    “Duane, you must explore The Natural Side of Life even further than you ever have. The PoliRulers are dumping huge amounts of chemicals on the humans and putting the same toxic ingredients in the drinking water. Their purpose is to control people with drugs which will make them submissive. Again, Pall Twitchell will also inform the public with his presentation and then from there you will add to it when your time comes,” he said, as I listened closely.

    “I know a few things, Sir, and I will continually investigate whatever I can,” I said, as I began to think about what to do.

    “You will meet the right people who will help you as you form classes from your public lecturing,” he said.

    “Ha, ha, excuse me, Sir, but I am rather shy when it comes to public speaking, which I never have done, and I really do not see myself doing anything like that,” I said.

    “Ha, ha, ha, Duane, you will see and you will love it. We will meet again when you are more aware. You have a great future, which is always Now,” he said as I could tell he was still laughing.

    Then, Ursha took my hand and motioned for us to go as we waved goodbye to The Great BluDolphin and all his friends, and then we swam out into the beautiful openness again.

    “We are going to take you to a place you like, Duane, where you have been many times before,” said Ursha, as she led me to the surface.

    When we arrived above the water, I suddenly saw many islands as though we were in the tropics. They were gorgeous islands with dense palm trees all along their shorelines.

    “This place does look familiar, where are we?” I asked.

    “The same place you always go when you want to Be Free from the earth world,” said Ursha, as we swam gently to the shore.

    I got out of the water first and thought the girls would stay in the water as MerMaids, but to my surprise they walked out of the water like I did. I was suddenly seeing things a whole new way. These girls were magical, not like magicians that do hokes-pokes, but something with a real ability. I had heard of Shape-Shifting from RebISar, and these girls already knew how to do it.

    “You can change yourselves, how cool!” I said, as I laughed with them.

    “We can do many things that humans cannot, Duane. We are not limited by the social conditioning of the masses and what they consider to be the only life there is,” she said, as all of them came onto the beautiful white sand and began to pick lovely tropical flowers that were growing everywhere, then sat next to me on the sand.

    “This is the one of the places I come to and meet with, RT,” I said, as I looked around at all the perfect beauty.

    “Yes it is, Duane,” she said, as her and her sisters quickly made Hawaiian Leas and put them on, then also gave me one.

    “You should know you are not in your physical body like you thought, as we separated you from it when the Surface Dolphins brought you to us. Your Brain Body went back to your house and is with your unaware mother,” said Ursha, as she smiled and took my hand.

    “Great, I like that idea, she can have it. Mom gets funny sometimes about what I am doing. I have tried to tell her about my experiences, but she doesn’t want to hear about them,” I said.

    “We know all about your life, Duane, actually better than you do,” she said, as her sisters laughed.

    “Is my life funny?” I asked her as I laughed with her sisters.

    “Duane, your life is wonderful in The True Sense. You and I, my sisters and family, RebISar and The Real Guides and all those who have a Real Awareness are of the same order of True Beings. Most of the humans will not know what we know and what Life Really IS. Conditioned people want their earth place to continually return to, as they cannot see past their decided ideas, and so they are trapped by what they have formed as their consciousness. Life is a magical fluidness that is unrestricted and Always Free, and there are no created conditions that exist in Reality. It is hard for humans to accept The True Reality Life IS. This is where you come in as your future unfolds. You will have many adventures with The RealSide of Life, as you present to others what else is possible,” she said as she put her arm around me and kissed me.

    “You girls are great and you look to be the same age as me,” I said, as I looked into their beautiful faces.

    “Ha, ha, ha, Duane, we may look to be like you, but we are hundreds of years old. That is why we waited for this time in your life, it was for you to get a bit older, as we have watched your progress from the very day you came onto the earth. Because of what you are here to do, it has taken many lifetimes of intensive training from all The Real Guides in the higher levels to eventually filter down into this dark realm of humans,” said Ursha, as he tickled me.

    “Really? That is so cool,” I said.

    “You will learn how to stay Forever Young someday. Right now you are still going through your training period, but eventually, The True Secrets of Life will reveal themselves to you as your Real Awareness expands,” she said, as she smiled.

    “Wow, I feel like a kid in a candy store, this is great! I would like to meet someone on the surface like you girls that has a better awareness,” I said, as I giggled.

    “You will someday, Duane, and you will love her for a long time, but for now we are your girlfriends, all of us,” she said.

    “You’re kidding, right?” I asked.

    Then all of them laughed and Ursha said, “Duane, you are so much more special than you can possibly realize. We cannot tell you what will be coming in your future, because it is best left to you, but it is something so unbelievable and wonderful. When the realization and perception of the wonderment of yourself comes into being, you will be amazed yourself. All of us here are of the same ISNESS, and we love being with you,” she said.

    “What about all the other MerBeings that live underwater, don’t they see things the same way you do, Ursha?” I asked.

    “They can be aware in their own sense of where they are and what they know, but many of them do not want to explore past what they have come to know as their lifestyle. My sisters and family are among the very few who know The Real Guides and The Great BluDolphin.

    “Wow, Life is full of surprises. So, you girls don’t have mates or boyfriends that know what you know?” I asked, as they immediately started laughing.

    “We have the same situation in our world as you do on the surface. Most of the MerPeople are simply into surviving what they know, and they are actually afraid of what the Surfacers are doing and planning to do. We are wonderfully different, because our parents have known The Real Guides for hundreds of years, as we were introduced us to them when we were younger. To answer your question, no we do not have boyfriends, Duane,” she said as the girls laughed with her.

    “That’s good to know,” I said, as I was a little reluctant to say anything.

    “We have been around a long time, Duane, and we know how you are, the girl has to make the first move, and so that is what we did by having the Surface Dolphins bring you to us,” she said, as she put her arm around me and kissed me.

    “Ha, ha, ha, this is great! I have three new girlfriends who are

    MerMaids, and I most surely cannot tell anyone,” I said, still laughing.

    “Oh, you can tell everyone, Duane, but good luck if you think they will accept your adventure,” said Ursha, as all of them kept laughing.

    “Okay, so what’s next?” I asked.

    Let’s have some fun, and so look behind you,” said Ursha, as she pointed to a beach hut near the palms that I did not notice before.

    “That’s something new,” I said as all of us got up and walked over to it.

    “Look inside Duane and see what you can find,” she said, as I walked in and saw a line of surfboards standing up along the wall.

    “This is great, these boards look the right size and they are just my colors. I like this one with the Blue Dolphin on it,” I said, as I felt it.

    “You take that one and we get the rest and let’s go surfing,” said LU. “You girls surf too?” I said, all excited.

    “We do everything Duane, you will see.” she said, as she grabbed a board with her sisters and all of us went outside.

    “You don’t need wax with these boards, Duane, they are made from all natural materials that are found on this island,” she said, as she rubbed my arm and then motioned for us to walk down the beach where there was a right point break.

    I was in bliss as I watched these girls walk with me. Ursha is about five foot, ten inches tall with the same color hair as mine, whitish blond with a little bit of dark underneath and has the same color eyes, blue green. Shesh, is about an inch shorter with long light brown hair with a few blond streaks. She has beautiful pure blue eyes. Launah, is the same height with a golden reddish tint to her hair with the same blue eyes. All of these girls are statues of excellence. We walked for a ways and came to the break.

    “Look at those waves, they are great! This place looks like Malibu,” I said, as I was ready to go in.

    “This place is better than Malibu, Duane, because we are here and we have it all to ourselves,” said Launah, as the girls laughed and went into the water.

    I stood back for just a moment to watch them paddle out. I was so amazed at what was taking place. Of all the places I had been with RebISar, this was yet another wonderful experience with my new friends that I couldn’t even image ever existed. As I was daydreaming the girls yelled and waved to me...

    “Come on Duane, let’s surf.”

    I immediately came to my senses and ran into the water and caught up with them. The surf was a constant wave after wave, and because it was a perfect point break, we could paddle around it. After a few moments we were at the outside.

    “Let’s all catch the first wave together,” said Shesh, as we paddled and caught the nearest set.

    I let the girls go ahead of me on the wave as I could hear one of them make a sound like a Dolphin, then several Blue Dolphins jumped through the wave in front of them. The girls began to yell and wave their arms as the Dolphins made their noises. What a trip this is, I thought. After a long ride near the shoreline, all of us kicked out of the wave and paddled back out.

    “Wasn’t that fun Duane? I knew you’d like the Dolphin idea,” said Ursha, as she laughed.

    “This is fun Miss, I don’t want to go home,” I said.

    “We can stay for a while Duane, but you will have to return by tomorrow, because your body will need tending to,” said Ursha.

    All of us paddled back out and surfed for the longest time. Ursha also called upon some Giant Sea Turtles, who came to the surface and introduced themselves. As the turtles floated on the surface, huge White Pelicans flew down from the sky and landed on them. I really love Pelicans, and these guys were exceptional. They had the funniest squawk to them, as they communicated to Ursha.

    “They said they have seen you and RebISar on the beach here many times Duane, so they already know you,” said Ursha.

    “Wow, it is good to know them. Where do the live?” I asked, as Ursha asked them, as the one Pelican squawked a bit.

    “They mainly live in the sky and have a place among the clouds, and they also hang around the giant palm trees at the top of this island, as they have many bird friends there. He said this island has its own wonderful magic about it, and that is why RebISar picked it for you to come here,” said Ursha, as she smiled.

    “Does he have a name, Miss?” I asked. “Yes he does, you can call him Dover,” she said.

    “Well, Dover, it is so good to meet you,” I said, as I stretched out my hand and he brought his right wing forward, as I gently held on.

    After a fun time of being with some new friends, we said goodbye for now, and then returned to shore and put the boards back in the hut, then sat on the beach for awhile.

    “You are a very good surfer, Duane. Of course you know we have been watching you for years,” said Ursha.

    “You girls did very well too, it’s always a lot of fun no matter how good you are,” I said.

    “We really didn’t do too much water stuff like this until The Boys showed us you, then all of us practiced a lot. We wanted to be able to at least stand up when we met you,” she said, as she giggled.

    “How long have you been practicing?” I asked.

    “Since The Boys showed us you,” she said, and then laughed real loud with her sisters.

    “Surfing is one of the hardest sports to master, and you girls did great. I really like to see girls surfing, it’s fun. Everyone has their style and all of you are beautiful together. I am so amazed at all of this, with you and your family and the whole underwater adventure,” I said.

    “Duane, we have to be upfront and honest with you...all of us want to make love to you right now,” said Ursha, as she kissed me.

    I was a little taken back for a moment and rather embarrassed, but I knew I had to say something, because all of them were looking right at me and wanting an answer right away.

    “Well, ah, ah, this is a little sudden isn’t it?” I asked.

    “Ha, ha, ha, I told you girls, he thinks we want to have human sex with him,” she said, as all of them almost rolled over laughing.

    I had to laugh myself as I watched them cracking up. “Okay, it was a joke right?” I asked, as they finally stopped laughing. “No, it is no joke and we will show you,” she said, as she sat in front of me and her sisters sat to the right and left of me.

    “We are going to show you how we make love without the sex, Duane. All of us will hold hands and close our eyes and sing what RebISar taught us. In your language Duane, it is the letter ‘U,’ It is 'The USound.' You simply say this letter and extend it out like this, “UUUUUUU,” she said.

    “Like this, “UUUUUUU,” I sang.

    “That’s it, you got it. Now, we will all do it until we feel The Real Love circulating, and then sit very still and do nothing,” she said, as all of us closed our eyes and held hands.

    We sang the ‘USound’ for about ten minutes or so, as I began to feel all this warmth come over me. I started to see flashes of light within myself and I could hear a wonderful sound in my ears. Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted above the body I was in and hovering over all of us. At first, I looked down and saw everyone on the sand, and then I looked up and saw the girl’s right beside me. All of them were laughing and looked rather intoxicated. They seemed to be having the best time. Each one of us was glowing with a radiant light.

    “We love you Duane,” said all of them at once.

    Then to my surprise, RebISar suddenly appeared and waved and said, “Job well done,” then he was gone.

    After a few moments we were all back down on the sand and giggling as we opened our eyes.

    “Isn’t love grand, Duane?” said Launah, as she reached over and kissed me.

    I had to ask the question, “Are you girls really okay with all of this?”

    “Of course we are, we share everything we do and we will share you,” said Shesh, as she smiled and rubbed my arm.

    “I really liked what we did girls. Did any of you see anything else while we were making love?” I asked, feeling kind of funny asking.

    All of them shook their heads yes, as if they were still flying up there.

    “We really get very absorbed into making love, Duane, especially with someone like you. You have special vibrations and that is what makes it work so good, plus the fact you are a man which helps a lot too,” said Ursha as she fell over laughing with the girls.

    I decided to fall back on the sand and just laugh myself, and then to my surprise all of them jumped on me and kissed me, then sat back up and pulled me to a sitting position. It took a few moments to simply relax and compose myself along with these girls. After a few moments I had to ask another funny question...

    “If this is how you make love, how did all of you come about from your parents?” I asked, feeling a bit funny about the question.

    All of them rolled over again and laughed and laughed, and then Ursha said, while she was still trying to calm down, “We produce children the same way all creatures do, Duane, and then eventually comes the new born. We also have a marriage ritual like the humans, only not so dramatic. But, when we want to have fun with each other we do what you might term ‘Real Love.’ It is The Real Connection to The TruSource, THE ISNESS. RebISar wanted us to show you.”

    “Wow, this is great and I really felt it, thank you,” I said.

    “Oh, the pleasure is all ours, Duane. We are girls and we got the biggest kick from it,” said Ursha, as she smiled and took my hand.

    I felt like a love struck puppy.

    “I will start doing this all the time,” I said.

    “We bet you will Duane,” she said, as they all laughed and laughed.

    After a while, all of us got up and went back into the water and down to the oceans depths. As soon as we entered the water, it was as bright as being out of it, as the girls changed back into MerMaids again. Now that I knew where these girls lived I could come here anytime. We were soon at the bottom again and they told me to lie down on the coral bed that I was originally on, and as I did, I found myself instantly back at home in my physical body. It was around midnight and the house was dark and everything was quiet. I decided to get up and walk across the street to the beach. There were no cars on the road as I crossed the street and smelled the ocean breeze. I walked on the sand and went towards the pier. As I was walking I could hear the waves breaking and feel the gentle night wind as I looked into the reflection of the lights from the pier. There were a few Seagulls around and then I heard the sound of Dolphins near the shore. There were several of them and my impression was they were laughing and talking to me. I laughed to myself and thought about the experience with the girls, which now seemed like a dream, but I would have my life no other way. After a while, I returned home and went to bed, and as I went to sleep I sang The USound.

    As I dozed off, I felt myself being lifted above the bed and into the sky far above the trailer. Then, RebISar appeared with Pall, as we were all floating in space.

    “That was a fun day for you, Duane, and now you have some NUFriends,” said RebISar, as him and Pall smiled.

    “Yes Sir,” I said, as I looked around at where we were. “This is a nice quiet place we can meet,” said RT. “I like Being Free like this,” I said.

    “You will become The Great Writer, Duane. It is your fate and destiny to do so. The adventures coming into your life will be like no one else, as most people are so set on staying the same all the time until they leave their bodies from the earth,” said RT.

    “We will meet in the near future on the earth, Duane, and at that time you will have the information you need to start your NULife,” said Pall, as they both waved and then disappeared.

    I continued to float in space for a while, and then went flying back to the earth. The next morning came and it was Saturday, and so mom was home. I quickly got up and went into the living room and saw her reading her newspaper and drinking coffee.

    “Good morning sweetie,” she said,“ I was reading in the paper there was a shark attack in Santa Monica.”

    “Was that on the freeway or a side street?” I asked, as she laughed.

    “It was actually inside a supermarket at the produce counter,” she said as she giggled.

    “I think there are more land sharks than the ones in the ocean that eat people mom,” I said, as I got an apple to eat.

    “Have you ever seen a shark out there, Duane?” She asked.

    “I only see MerMaids and Dolphins mom, the sharks only eat the small boats the tourists rent,” I said.

    “You must see all kinds of things out there, huh?” She asked. “Everything I can think of, mom,” I replied.

    “Sharon is coming over and we are going to the swap meet to walk around, do you want to come with us?” She asked.

    “No thanks mom, there is a good swell running and I want to go and play with the MerMaids and Dolphins,” I said, as I walked to the door.

    “Don’t bring any of those things home, our bathtub isn’t big enough to hold them,” she said, as she giggled and I waved and walked out.

    Of course mom was only being funny with me, as she knew how I was. After all the years of trying to tell her about my experiences with RT and whatever else I was doing, she lightened up a bit and would be a little goofy too. Now that I had quit school, she seemed to be more relaxed about my life and we were on better terms for the most part. I went and got my board and walked across the street to the beach. It was a sunny fall day and the tourists were all gone. I love the fall after summer, this is when the west swells begin to come in from the north and mix with the south swells. Huntington Beach is one of the best beach breaks around and I like the challenge of it. It was a great morning, and as I walked onto the sand I could I see the waves. It looked almost the same as yesterday when I had the experiences with the MerMaid Girls. As I went to the water’s edge I could see there were only a few people out, along with the Seagulls who were walking the beach and looking at me funny. I put a little wax on my board and paddled out into the 65 degree water. The waves were peaking all over the place as I was able to go around most of them. Every time I am out here it is like a dream come true, as there is such a difference about being in the water as opposed to the land.

    I sat for a few moments and waited for a big set. As I was sitting on my board, from the outside I could see a school of Dolphins coming my way. I suddenly started imagining being with Ursha and her sisters again. Then I saw an outside set and paddled for it. As I turned and caught the wave, and as soon as I stood up, the Dolphins were right in front of me again. Then, I looked behind me and they were also riding the wave with me. They were making their funny sounds as they were jumping up and down. I decided to dive under the water, and as I did I could see the girls waiting for me. Something took place and I was with them again...

  • Excerpt NUBook Nine,

    The Real Story of Eckankar

    WakeUp with what I am presenting here, or keep doing what you have always done and you will keep coming back here and also have forgotten you were ever here! Your Choice! As I am looking over The UNUversal Files with RebISar & Pall, I am putting together this story and The RealAdventure I am sharing with you Now. I am in My RealAwareniss, the FreeBeing of RealLight, I IS on The Seventh LifeLevel with The TruReality, THE ALLLISSS. Here is where The UNUversal Files become very interesting, and that is, they are not files like you have in an office or on your computer, they are in The ALLAliveniss LifeIS, and YU have to Recognize & PerSeeve them, and this is the Fun part. This is why the Kronee Joanee MemberShrimps are still so Stuck & TapLined with HER, because they are so Literalized, Dumbed Down and Afraid, and so they cannot Seee The Real UNUverses, only Harry and his picture! Many of then 'think' they are exalted, but actually they are experiencing what SHEE wants them to have, an Astral Sensation of being something. It is here in The Real UNUverses that the mind does not and cannot exist, so this is why most people will never be able to Seee where I am and what I am really doing and presenting with The RealGuides on the earth at this time. Most people are so stuck with living in their one-dimensional past and what is known as 'tradition' with all the unconscious attachments to old stuff. My RealAdventure IS The RealLUV Affair with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. Most people Emotionally Love another body that grows old and turns to dust, and to many this makes sense. I LUV What IS Always Pure & Real & Wonderful and AlwaysNU & Now! I Seee the difference, but the unaware masses Cannot Seee, as they are blinded by the RATS ideas of worshiping and praying to invented gods who do not care for the Stupid HUman Farmed People on this planet and others. There is a Greater Life in Your RealAwarenissFres than that of chasing invented 'things' in Creation. Creation has its place with The Whole of Life, but because it is Cause & Effect, it is a Distortion and Not The TruReality LifeIS, and can never be! The UNUversal Files expose all that has happened in Creation, and nothing can be hidden.

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  • DEAR EVA from GERMANY 7.2019


    DEAR EVA from GERMANY 7.2019

    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #1... Hello Dear Eva... I would like to write you about what happened after the German Skype NUGroup in July 2019... I was so positively charged, and I have continued to Sing 'NU~U~U~U' and suddenly I saw you both... Duane&Eva! I do not know if you both were in my room. You communicated despite the distance. I have heard his question to you... is that her? I can't speak English... nevertheless, I understood and you answered. That evening I suggested to my sister who lives in another country that we meet her in the dream garden... and it worked! The beautiful light that I feel and Seee with me gives me impulses and they transform into information and also as suggestions. I should make audio reports... it's as if I'm talking to you... I've already got a couple of them. My sister sees me as a shining turquoise energy. One evening when I visited her again and wanted to help her with her pain, suddenly PALL was there too! He was so beautifully white shining and said to me, “Through you flows the healing energy... use it!” I said, “But I do not want to intervene in any karma!” Then He said, “There is a difference if you do this from The RealU. Now, you are in your RealBody! Here... touch her belly!” That's what I did and there were TapLines in the third chakra, like black fibers that were so uncomfortable and I didn't want to touch them any more! Shortly after that I was back on my bed again and I was so happy! That's what I did! I have many such experiences and thanks to the Writings & NUBooks of Duane, I have now the certainty that this is not my fantasy, but that there is more than only my physical life. Thank you both from My Heart! Now I have more fun in My Life!
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #2... Dear Eva... Something is happening to me since our Skype meeting. I Sing 'NU~U~U~U' and The RealConnection opens for me. Tonight, I was officially picked up by The RealGuides, but just before that, a woman wanted to stop me and she said she needed help. I had a funny feeling there was something wrong with her, but I said okay, but first I have to go to the meeting, I told her. It was like some kind of UNUversity. I wanted to go there, but she made a movement with her hand and my torso was embraced in front with a black corset. Then, I went to the hall and there stood Yauble in front of the door and He looked at me strictly and said, “Slowly, it's time that You realize whether someone really needs help or just wants to bind You to yourself, and so how do you decide?” I said, “I understand and I want to be accepted Here!” Then, He made room for me and I was allowed inside, and then the corset disappeared! I sat down and noticed that we were so few, about three students and three professors. I was examined by the second professor, and He said, “Yes, ThereIS a RealLight!” The third professor wasn't so happy, as He said, “The gold you are wearing has some chemical ailment!” In my physical life I do not wear a gold or silver chain. When I woke up, I recognized the third as Fubbi, the second I do not know. All three wore gray suits. When I relax and Sing 'NU~U~U~U' I immediately see myself with Saint Germane. He said to me that I should be careful and not get stuck on him and go courageously higher! Oh Eva! This happens so much as if I live in two worlds and the physical one is like a heavy dream! With Young Duane, I also had a pleasant conversation and He showed me what is hidden in me... a golden egg that grows! Loving NU Greetings!
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #3... I agree with everything, and with phoning YU and Skyping, as I judge myself after YU. I will tell you about something I experienced in Spring 2008, in an awake state and at work. After reading Duane's NUBook, 'A Journey to True Freedom' with the section on Shiss sacrificing herself for her daughter, and I remembered my experience. I did not lose my life, but my heart was broken in a very bad way. With all the emotional pain, I asked the 'source' for help sooo deep and desperate and I knew I had to continue to exist and take care of my daughters and work. There came something, such a warmth, as if someone hugged me tenderly from behind. I saw pictures in my head, as I stood in a circle together with a shining presence. In front of us came the people who hurt me so deeply, a certain man and his daughters. I should give them a hand and say, “I'm sorry, please forgive me, I thank you!” Later, I read texts about Hoopono... Ha ha, well something like that. So, this RealLight has helped me in this moment. Love and sorrow, I still have, but since this experience I am no longer so alone. Now I know that The RealLight is My RealMe. I feel more clearly. When I am in the contemplative state I am on travel, and my body is on automatic with this and knows what to do and My RealSide Experiences are beautiful things and I still get explanations for myself, as The RealLight IS with Me... LUV 'NU~U~U~U'
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #4... Dear Eva & Duane, it pleases me that you like my experiences, and that Gerhard would also like to write an article about it, or a comment under the appropriate chapters. Therefore, I thought to myself that I will forward to you what I have written to Gerhard, at least this time, because my husband is angry with me that I sit too much with the laptop and he is always so alone. More and more I think to myself that my husband is under The Influence, and that I have only not much contact with others, which has provoked such absurd quarrels, and sometimes I am afraid of him. I wanted to separate, but then he threatens me and everywhere I see dark figures. In a dream, shortly after our wedding 5 years ago, a figure appeared that took his appearance and said, “You will never get rid of us!” I was like paralyzed. Since then living with him is no longer as rosy as before the marriage. I blame myself and I didn't want to pay attention to any warning signals. I embrace you Eva & Duane... Wholeheartedly... 'NU~U~U~U'
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #5... Hello Eva & Duane, here I am again. Two days ago I had a dream and from the feeling I would say, it was with you. Before me stands a big older man and says to me, “Come with me and we take a journey. We will visit your relatives. And shortly afterwards I see us in a beautiful, big apartment and my guide says, “Remember Gerhard? Then Gerhard comes in the room, laughs and says, “Hey girl how long are you here?” He embraces me, and my "guide" says to him, “Do you still have the old photo? Please show it to her. Then, Gerhard disappeared and a young woman came in and said, “Hello, I am Gerhard's wife” looking at me strictly. Behind her I saw a 5 year old girl. Gerhard came back in and showed me a magazine with a living photo ( as with Harry Potter, where people move). They we were both shown in it, and I was about 7 years old and the Gerhard's were about 15, and at the beach with a blue sea. I am happy to run around here on this strange photo and Gerhard stood holding a board. Suddenly, his wife said with a serious voice, “Gerhard, think about it... We must go away immediately!” She did not want me to get the magazine. I also noticed that Gerhard did not have much to report. I thought that was a pity, as he was very sympathetic to me. Then I noticed that my companion was gone. Then I said goodbye and went down the stairs and there I met an even younger woman, who was totally angry at me and said, “I am the assistant of woman (the name I do not know anymore) and will not let you interfere and I want to see you disappear!” There was such a rage from her that seized me! I took her by her neck and shook her until she was only 10 cm tall. Then, I ran out to the street and thought about the whole after. Suddenly, my alarm clock awakened me. While I was at work I have thought about my dream. So often, my inner (we call it sphere) said to me, “These are symbols... You have thought before about Gerhard and why he would not like to translate more of Duane's texts. The young wife is symbolic for a new idea, which with strong influence keeps him from it, the assistant was her helper, the dark side does not want that, because Gerhard reaches too many unaware with it. This is a bit chaotic here, but as you have already noticed, I can't write so well... Ha ha... Thank You.
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #6... Dear Eva and Duane, thanks for the loving email, and yes, I work a full job. So, we can make phone calls. I would like to write my today's dream. I accompany a family on a reconnaissance trip where I registered myself voluntarily as a helper. My impressions were... the father was the main character who gave the directions, and the mother tried to keep all 8 children together, which were lively and fidgety and dear and sympathetic. I was the honorary helper. I knew that it was important to protect the children, but at the same time they should know everything about the world and collect information and learn to behave and be self-confident. The children had to wear clean clothes every day and soon we had mountains of dirty clothes to wear. Now someone should take care of it otherwise the children have nothing clean to wear. I saw that the parents were a little annoyed because of such a simple thing as washing clothes, as they had important plans for the day for the children to gain 'NU' information, so I suggested that I do it all. We were then in a basement with washing machines and the father gave me all the laundry. Everyone was gone, and while I was sorting the laundry by color, I suddenly saw something gray and thick flowing along the laundry and up the stairs. I started to follow it and where it was going, as it was almost at the top, then it stopped abruptly and diluted. In this moment the father came again purely in my thought, which was, “Oh, he is not to see the 'thing' otherwise he may say something.” He actually didn't notice anything, but said, “Oh no, there are too many things and you shouldn't do it all alone!” He called to the mother and the three of us continued everything together. After that we were all in a very large and renovated apartment, as everyone was looking at something. Then I went to the last room and one of the boys followed me and said, “I was already here before, and this time we will make it. Then, unfortunately my alarm clock rang! In the morning I have no time to write down my dreams, but when I'm at work I quickly make an audio for my sister. We both have cordial contact with each other and often have visions which we then compare. She is a writing medium, and last week she told me that a loving energy presence had come to her, and she should only tell me so much, “Tell your sister that I accompany and protect you both, as I am the Nameless One!” I remember that Duane mentioned such Beings in his NUBooks. So, what I'm getting at now, where I wanted to do my audio for my sister, I felt this Being presence again and I asked, “What should I see through this dream? Then came a voice, “Don't you see? The adults are Duane as the father and Eva is the mother, and you are the helper who is also on this family trip herself to learn. The children symbolize the German NUGroup!” I thought, “WOW!” My head buzzes every day when I Sing 'NU~U~U~U' and shortly after that something like a Vision comes over me. When I have a little opportunity at work, I read THE NU~YU DREAM COURSE ADVENTURE. I remembered that I had already seen something similar in my previous vision. In a hall there were people sitting around a man who was talking about our different bodies. Ha ha, I wanted to sneak backwards and then he he noticed me and said, “Don't even try to make yourself invisible, you shine too brightly for that!” My feeling was to run away urgently, as people were calling to me, and so I stayed and listened. I wondered... Had I already been to Duane's lecture? I accept myself rather loosely with humor. Thank you for your attention Eva & Duane and send loving 'NU~U~U~U'
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #7... Dear Eva, here comes my report from the journey with my Inner Guide into my energetic past. I asked my guide a question, “How is it with our captivity down here in this funny thing that so many call The Matrix?” Shortly thereafter I heard, “I can show you this figuratively, so that you understand better!” Suddenly, we were in a school class and the children were from 7 to about 10 years old. All sat well and wrote their work. The topic was about the duties in their lives. I felt that the children were not happy, and a kind of spider web slanted their movements, and the end of each thread around all the children was held by the teacher in his hand. In the other hand he held a rod with which the children were disciplined. I knew that outside in front of the class there was a parents committee that had the decision what each child may or may not do. I asked, “What does this mean here? The explanation was that the whole framework for each life of the children was created with Agreement with the Lords of the Karma. The parents like to obey them consciously and unconsciously and the teacher fits in for the learning material to be absorbed into a indoctrinated conditioning. At the other wall there was a shining door and a very bright visitor came in and I knew he was a Real Guide. He moved freely in the class and watched the children. As soon as one the children was a bit restless, and went over to the Real Guide and touched him, the girl was brighter than the rest of the children! I asked, “What happens with the small child?” My companion answered, “So shine children whose development base was not on earth, this girl you are, and you came from the angel frequencies, and therefore you have it especially hard in this life. By these threads are not only restrictions, but also frictions arise and thereby the Dark Matrix is kept alive. The children touched by the Real Guide go into the higher classes, and sometimes the lower classes disappear, because Duane opened a NUDoor and The Real~Light touches Every Heart! The complete matrix is not dissolved, it changes, but nothing lasts forever down here, and this world can not be saved. This where YOU have to Learn to Free YourSelf!” LUV 'NU~U~U~U'
    DEAR EVA from GERMANY #8... I am keeping the content of my dreams after waking up with me, and this is so easy, because I have been doing this with my sister since our childhood. I tell you that my inner guide sends me impulses as if I am illuminated from within and then something like a memory or explanation opens up. He says we should be much more playful with our life and experience our roles with joy, as each time our life is different like precious moments. Every time we wake up our life is different like precious moments. The Dark Arena of Creation is not creepy at all, at least with me it is like this. So, I tell you my dream scene... I stood before a lighthouse, everything was white, the walls, the stairs, and there were also people in it. I had such an urge to go up and look at the sea from the higher place height. I went on and on and on and noticed that I was becoming less and less from the other people, and suddenly I was all the way up and alone. Shortly after, I heard a cry from below, and it came into my mind to run away! As I looked out, instead of the sea, there was only absolute darkness! Then, someone ran up screaming at me, “Hey! You may not go on, you are not yet so far!” I do not like if one me screams at me and says what I may or may not do, so therefore I jumped! But, I did not fall down, but remained in the air, as a man grabbed me by my right ankle firmly! He was not bad, but rather worried and said, “Please do not go further, otherwise you may not make it back!” But, I was sore and shouted at him, “Dad! What have you done with your life? You died and left mom alone!” Then I kicked his hand with my other foot and freed myself, as I hung there in this blackness and totally free! Everything was gone and no more worries! I swam further and something became clear, as I am here totally alone with no feeling from above, below, right or left, and I was aware this is not a dream! I was suddenly aware of MySelf! Then I thought, “What is all this here? No god, no angels, just absolute NOTHING, but I have lit up!” Then I said aloud, “Okay, I want to go back, and then came something like a suction and I woke up! LUV YU, IT IS Me Again.

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